Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A leaky faucet and a swarm of ants on the windowsill.

This would be my first attempt at this blogging thing. My friends have been blowing up my newsfeed with their blog posts and I have been contemplating doing this for awhile. So tonight I thought "Why not? We are all lemmings anyway right?" (The lemming thing is a misconception I have now found out thanks to Wikipedia!) I also keep a diary some so I assume this is similar. Well, here we go.

I guess, as every good relationship goes, there has to be an introduction. I have been described as a cute little blonde girl by my friend Kel and for the most part I am extremely quiet. I have a few eccentricities-I love classic films, Indie-rock music, and reading classic books. I will probably blog about some of these things in the future. I grew up on a farm in a small rural community. (Moving two hours away from home is the closest I have come to getting out.) I am attending classes for my higher education, which hopefully will result in a paper saying I can go to even more school to become a counselor. Yes, the lives of others intrigue me and I do analyze...some, but I try never to judge.  Since we have the basic about me over with... 

Now comes the unveiling of my ordinary life. Like my description says I am caught in the middle of this wonderful tug of war between my heart and the expectations I put on myself. If I thought I could I would drop everything here in the Midwest and travel around the world with nothing but a backpack, seeing what can be seen. (I wish I could eloquently explain the look this statement got from my father.) But alas, I am here in this sleepy college town trying to survive and become known for something great. Translation: I am eating Spaghetti-O's, clipping coupons, and working a part-time fast food job in exchange for a better education, job, and wardrobe later in life. Cold, empty, and shallow you say? Yeah, I'm thinking so too.

So I am searching for a purposeful life and making my way up the ladder. Hopefully you will still be following my blog as I get there!

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